Monday, November 2, 2015

All the Holiday Recipes

Okay, so this should make it much easier when you are planning your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Or even if it's just to eat really good food. Here is a list of all the holiday recipes I have made so far. There are plenty more to come, but I thought this might help some of you get your dinner menu ready for Thanksgiving, since it's sneaking up on us so quickly. 

The most important piece of the meal is, of course, the tofurkey. No holiday meal is complete without one! This is a must for Thanksgiving dinner. 

The Green Bean Casserole is always a favorite, so us vegans need to add this one to the list. It's so easy, and the rest of your dinner party won't even realize that it is vegan. 

Not such a traditional side dish, is the mashed sweet potatoes. But trust me, it's not a bad idea to add these to the list. I love regular mashed potatoes, but I'm always up for some sweet potatoes. 

Stuffing and Gravy is a no brainer. These recipes make these side dishes so quick and easy to make as well. 

There's always room for dessert. This is the pumpkin cheesecake. It's my nephew's favorite dessert, and he's not even vegan. This recipe is so quick and simple to make, you basically just blend it up and pour it into your pie crust, then bake it. Simple. 

Warm up at the end of the evening with this Starbucks copycat Pumpkin Spice steamer, only made vegan and a lot cheaper. 

This is another great drink to warm up with on the cold holiday nights. So cozy on up! 

Here's the creamiest most delicious pumpkin pie ever. Let's not forget the incredible coconut whipped cream. Great way to end your holiday dinner. Mmm.

This is an easy way to make your holiday turkey. Plus it's fun to eat because it's like having tacos for Christmas. This recipe makes cooking nice and simple.

This is such a fun dessert to make for the holiday season. Plus the vegan brownie recipe is delicious.

The perfect side dish for the holidays. Grilled Green Beans with lots of garlic. Another quick and simple recipe, that's not too much hassle.

Literally these are the best mashed potatoes I've had, and that's because I show you have to make potatoes that are super fluffy. So click here to learn the secret on how to get the fluffiest mashed potatoes.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season with your friends and family. Share the vegan love with them all. Healthy recipes to share with the ones you care most about. Happy Holidays everyone!

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