Monday, March 9, 2015

12 minutes to stronger arms

Whether you're a runner or just wanting to get fit, this exercise is for you. Running is a great form of exercise, however it's always a good idea to do more weight lifting for the arms. A couple times a week I will do these arm exercises to help tone and strengthen my arms. It's a quick workout, and all you need is a pair of weights and a chair. 

Strong arms actually benefit your runners because it helps to propel you more. It helps to give that boost of speed and final burst of swiftness as you are approaching the finish line. Strong arms help with balance which helps us to move at a faster pace. Strengthening the shoulders and back are especially beneficial since it helps with posture, which will help to prevent unnecessary injuries.

There are many benefits to strong arms, so give this workout a try. It's only 12 minutes to improve your running, health, life, and the way you look in tank tops. 

Perform 6 different arm exercises for 30 seconds each. Rest one minute, and repeat 2 more times. This will take a total of 12 minutes. 
1st: Basic bicep curl
2nd: Shoulder press
3rd: Tricep press
4th: Back flies
5th: Tricep dip
6th: Chest press
Rest 1 minute. 
Repeat 3 times total